Monday, 21 April 2014

Walking With Mr P - Langlee to Old Middleton and Threestoneburn Wood

It is great to have Mr P with me in Northumberland and so nice to have some company. Foolishly decided to use - yes you've guessed - another walk from my red book Walking In the Cheviots by Edward Baker. Difference this time it wasn't just me getting cross with the guy but Mr P too. Mr P got furious with the guy because the walk starts with the wrong grid reference! Big schoolboy error! This time the hills are full with sheep and their newborn lambs. Guess everything is much later up in these hills.

At the front of the quad was probably the farmer's grandson wearing a cap just like his grandad. It was a lovely sight. The excitement came when we got to Old Middleton to the deserted cottage. It was fascinating - no health and safety signs. So we had a wander inside.

 Would you like to live here? Comes  with an original fireplace.

Lovely feature oven.

 Oh golly I recognise those tiles - had them in some of the homes we have lived in.
Don't have to worry about the mirror steaming up when you're in the bath!

Comes with a great view.

Now the next few photographs are something that Mr P found in one of the outhouses. But has anyone any idea what it exactly was and used for?

This was on the wall behind the next photograph.
Here is a picture of the name on the side of the above photo

The only thing I can say was in the next room, in the outhouse was a sink which I am guessing was used to do the family washing. There's my mystery - what is it all?

I found this old bicycle frame outside. Did enjoy this bit of the walk.

View looking back.

Mr P giving his back a break by resting the rucksack on the rock! Oh the dreaded red book!

Never seen such up market grouse shooting butts. There were ten of them - I did think if you were walking at dusk you could easily fall into them or animals too. Health and safety might not approve of them.

Me having a great day and having a lovely time with Mr P.

Then back to the start. Now you are not mistaken you have seen this bridge on a previous walk. The start was very near another walk I did on my own. Well Mr P is out of the bath and I should have done dinner! Ooops I'd better finish. Bye!



    1. Mr P has been looking up this company. The only thing he can come up with is maybe a water pump?

  2. With regard to the Red Book - isn't this getting dangerously close to Einstein's definition of insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."?!