Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday

Golly late to bed and then up early again. As I opened the curtains I was greeted with a new bird, other than sparrows, a goldfinch. Hurray!

 Decided to head off early to Holy Island and have a walk before church. This ended up being a very good decision. The sun was shining, gentle breeze, the sea birds singing away and the gentle swaying of the sea. Virtually no one about.

It's really hard to find different pictures to show you all.

I enjoyed watching some seals bob up and down, also a cormorant diving for fish. Truly beautiful morning. Then I headed to church.

The Northern Cross Pilgrimage carrying their crosses. The church was absolutely packed out and I had to squeeze into a seat.

After the service I walked outside into the sunshine to be greeted by masses and masses of people. I have never ever seen so many on the island, in fact the main car park was full! Think they must have had to use the coach carpark. Golly the shops should have done well and the ice cream van I should think must have run out of goods. So pleased that I had my walk earlier on before the crowds. Headed back home for lunch and then went out to Ford, to the Old Dairy in Ford. It's another vintage/ salvage yard.

After a lovely mooch I decided it was time to enjoy an ice cream and so headed to Etal for one.

Double ginger - yummy. Rest of the day was spent doing a bit of cleaning, crocheting and dinner preparation as Mr P arrives. It will be so nice to share the rest of the week with him and stop the neighbours thinking we've had a divorce.

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