Friday, 25 April 2014

Berwick Round

Last day! :(  I have soooooooooo enjoyed being at my home and I know tomorrow is going to break my heart as we travel back to Leicester. Not that there is anything wrong with our lives in Leicester - I love my job, I love the people, I enjoy my home, I love my church family and have lovely friends. It will be a long time before I can return as the cottage is now booked till September. Well there is a couple of weeks free in August, but I know from experience that they will be booked soon. It just feels as if I have two lives and I am being split in half leaving. I also know a couple of days being back in Leicester that I will be acclimatised and comfortable. Any way back to today. With the weather being a bit gloomy we spent the day doing  bits and bobs. Returning trousers to the shop because stitching had come undone. Paying bills, banking cheques, stocking up on supplies for keeping the cottage clean etc.

Rather different view of Berwick - looking all misty.

Note that you cannot see the top of the spire!

Saw these books for sale in a shop window - but don't they rather defeat the object of having a password! My information governance hat is screaming at the window - burn them!

Time for lunch and head off to The Corner House Cafe. I had a delicious squash and coconut soup, whilst Mr P had a fruit scone. We also played scrabble and sadly I lost. Scrabble is one of my favourite games and I often play it on my ipad, 98% time winning. Goes against the grain to loose.

Last trip to a rather misty Holy Island.

Spot where the castle is? It made us realise how sad it would be not to have the castle there. Well time to unwind and do some knitting. Sadly back to once or twice weekly blogs. Thanks for following my holiday adventures.

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