Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Saturday

Woke up to glorious sunshine, birds singing and feeling very happy to be waking up in my bed in Northumberland. Still feeling rather tired from the last few days, so I opt for an easy day. Headed into Berwick after I had hung some washing outside.

 Picture of the usual view as I walk into Berwick - looks so different when the tide is out.

A new shop has opened up - vintage shop. Lots of these types of shops keep popping up and I do rather like them. Didn't quite have the courage to take a picture of inside, but the owner had shelves full of her fabrics ready to create gifts.

Think she must also be selling some of her goods on Etsy, but sorry cannot find the link. Will have to visit again!


Berwick was heaving with people - I have never ever seen it so busy. There was the usual Saturday street market but today it was so hard to move. It all reminded me very much of Christmas trying to squeeze my way through the shops.

So what did I get? In another vintage shop I found this cute tablecloth for £4 - what a bargain. Note the gingham edging - have lots of this same colour fabric back in Leicester. So I shall be making a larger tablecloth in that fabric to go under this one. 

The other item I got is something that I will find really useful as I never know where to store my garlic - something Mr P hates!

Isn't it cute - I've never seen one before. There probably are hundreds out there but this is a first for me.

Although the sun was shining there was a cold wind and so I headed back to the cottage to sit outside in the sheltered garden. There I carried on with my crocheting. Here is what I have achieved so far since yesterday.

I love the bright colours - they make me feel very happy.

Another 6 more rows to go to complete the side of the bag, then it's the straps to make and the cute flowers.

Later this evening I went across to Holy Island to their Vigil Service which involves a procession in the pitch black onto the beach! But the tide was not favourable for the starting time of the service and I had to wait to cross safely.

Well time for bed, need to be up at a reasonable time for the Easter service.

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