Monday, 7 April 2014

Gravity Wins

Yesterday I swam my first mile ever. Now I didn't break any records. It took me one hour to swim the mile. Don't think they'll be calling me to enter the olympics! Anyway the reason for me rattling on was that when I got out of the pool my left ear was water logged. It continued to be blocked ALL evening. When I bent down I could feel the water stuck inside and no amount of holding my nose and blowing hard would shift it. So I went to bed and decided deliberately to sleep on the offending ear. Ta dah success - woke up in the middle of the night with my ear leaking!!!!!!!!!!!

My only picture is this one. A bunch of flowers. But there is a story behind them. I went to put some rubbish in my dustbin and there they were  - still wrapped up in their packaging. It has made me wonder as to how they ended up in the bin. Did a lady throw them in there - furious with her partner? Did a man throw them in there because he was jilted? Did someone fall out with their mother? Or perhaps I have a secret admirer who leaves me flowers in the dustbin?

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