Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bach / Baking / Buntings Continued.

The weekend continued with the same theme Bach choir performance and preparation for Mr P's 30 years a vicar party. The afternoon was the final rehearsal and it was soooo exciting to be singing with such wonderful musicians. Was a little concerned that this drummer might pick the wrong tool for the job!

More pictures of the rehearsal.

The opening was a piece by Purcell and I guess it doesn't sound cheerful Music for the funeral of Queen Mary. It required a special sound effects. So the band played behind the choir to get the right effect. Oooh it sent tingles down my spine.

Sunday morning was church and supposedly picking some of the elderly up in the minibus. BUT the minibus refused to start and me and my colleague had to use our cars instead. The afternoon was spent bunting making! Ooh buntings make me so happy. Hopefully I will have enough along with some others that I have previously made.

I forgot to say Saturday morning was spent baking. And I have to confess to buying another cookery book. Shhh don't tell anyone!

I love this book and I have already used a lot of recipes.

Decided that this would be good for the vicarage party and can be frozen.
Have made the first part of this chocolate cake twice but need to ice them yet.

Also going to use this recipe the day before the party. Have been to Waitrose to get the special red rice, as sadly Aldi don't sell this sort of ingredient - maybe they will one day. Well I have now baked around 250 cakes, as well as the ones above I have made ginger and chocolate flapjacks and muesli marvels. Need to make another large batch as we have around 100+ people coming. Really excited seeing so many old friends. Also Mr P has paid for a bouncing castle for the ADULTS! Whooppee!

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