Saturday, 2 April 2016

Day Nine - St Abbs, Coldingham Bay

Oh dear today I feel rather sad. It is my last day before I head back to Leicester. I have truly had a great time and been blessed with almost a rain free week. So on this last day I decided to head back to St Abbs to enjoy the sea views, the sea breeze and the wool festival.

Spring is such a lovely time here in the UK - what with the lambs and the masses of daffodils, perfection.

After this blog you will not be bothered with these pictures of the coast for quite some time to come. The cottage that Mr P and I own is rented out for months and months. In some ways that is wonderful and yet sad that I cannot visit.

The rocks look as if they have been sliced.

More divers out seeing the wrecks.

Then I popped into the wool festival. I did not spend any money, I hate to confess but I have enough stash for the time being.

Then I walked on to Coldingham Bay.

Beach huts - I especially like the brightly painted ones.

There were some brave souls in the sea - with wetsuits on of course.

Looking across the bay from the north side.

Last view of the birds, well all this will seem a long way away once I am back at work in the middle of what was an industrialised city, but great people and a great job. Farewell from Northumberland. See you next week from Leicester.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, and seeing all the gorgeous scenery you photograph on your walks :)

  2. Oh so glad you enjoy them. I find it sooo difficult to only choose a few pictures to share.