Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Stop...Can I Have A Break

I have only been back home for 10 days and already I can hear myself saying the above words. First week back at work after a holiday is always busy. My clinics are full because I have had to squeeze everyone into one week instead of two. Then I am my own worst enemy and insist on trying to do everything. So been trying to visit someone dear in hospital, bake cakes because I decide not only to invite my dad on Saturday but also invite my Bristol family for the weekend, also continue doing crafting! Hence no blog for a week. But I do have some cute pictures of my grandchildren.

Spud is trying to ride the scooter. This was my bargain 75p from a charity shop!

Dumpling enjoying grandma's chocolate cake. My favourite one to cook is called Devil's Foodcake and it never fails to come out beautifully moist. Chocolate is not used it is made all with cocoa powder.

Just to prove that I don't just feed the grandchildren only cake! Now Spud was not his usual self at the weekend and was rather moany. Yesterday he didn't want to eat and just had cuddles so he was obviously brewing up some bug. He usually is a happy chappy and hard to take a picture where he is not smiling.

Time for some music!!!!!!!

I got some new bucket and spades for the sandpit in the local park, but as you can see he tried to carry them all!

The way he runs is so funny, he looks as if he has had too much to drink!

Dumpling too was not her usual self and objected to being put down, but was happy to play on someone's lap.

I'm not too sure who I bought the buckets and spades for ! As their daddy loves to build impressive castles and has to have therapy in order to leave them to small children to walk over them!

We had a lovely busy weekend and now I have just seen the time and must fly as need to be out for work. Bye have a good week.

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