Friday, 1 April 2016

Day Eight - Eyemouth To Edinburgh

Decided to head out to Eyemouth and found some yarnbombing.

I'm always in awe of those who take the trouble to knit so much stuff for others to enjoy.

Of course I had to look at the boats!

Sadly Eyemouth's fishing industry has been badly hit.

Now I thought this place was in Torquay!

It was really cold, wind was blowing and a real chill in the air - so I decided to go to the big city of Edinburgh. It was all rather on an impulse and drove to Dunbar to get a train in. Love this small train on the platform at Dunbar.

Having not eaten breakfast I opted for a rather late one! Note the haggis!

Then full I was ready to tackle the Royal Mile, up to the castle.

One day I might come here and the wind will not be blowing and I will pay to go around the castle.

Get some great views of the city up here.

Edinburgh is such a great city to mooch around. But as it was soooo cold I decided to head to the museum. The next picture is if a lady collecting peat on the Isle of Lewis and knitting at the same time! Multi tasking.

Then time for a nice coffee before heading back to the train station. Fitbit happy again - 17,982 steps, 7 1/4 miles, 107 floors.

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