Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Welcome Spring

Last two days have truly felt as if spring has started. This was the view this morning when I went out to my car at 7am to go to work.

The view looked lovely and cheered me on as I had a very long and full day ahead of me. Out in the back garden the snowdrops are still flowering. I cannot remember them lasting this long, but they probably have and I have never noticed before.

Me trying to be arty farty in the following picture!

Had a bit of a shock yesterday after blogging about the cookery books used. For those who didn't notice the comment here it is "You need to be using a book at least every 3 days to stand a chance of getting near- A tall challenge! Lots of 5 course dinner parties might help with one course from every book". Oh heck I have a lot of cooking to do so having a few minutes to spare last night I hastily prepared a carrot and coriander soup.

Have to be honest and say I have used this recipe lots of times, but I love the way that you save a bit of carrot to grate and add at the end as a bit of texture. Also last night I did not add the cream so as to keep it lower in calories.

Plenty for me to take to work for the next few days.

Well all my good effort to help my challenge yesterday went by the way today as after a 10.5 hour shift all I was capable of making was cheese on toast!

Finally a glimpse of No. 3's baby at 20 weeks - amazing how much you can see.

Looks to me as if "Nemo" is practising eskimo kissing!


 16 books used. 111 books to go. 301 days to go. 

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