Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Water Blogged

My new regime this year has been going to the leisure centre to swim three times a week - I have amazingly kept it up. Even been four times a week! Wow! But being the grand age of 53 decided it was time not to look like an old lady and learn to swim with my head going under the water! This is very scary for me as the last time I tried to do this I was about 9 years old. I desperately tried to learn to go under the water but with the consequences of swallowing far too much water and ending up very very ill with gastro enteritis. Should have been admitted to hospital but mum promised to nurse me at home. Hence why I have never tried again. So with the aid of some goggles and a nose piece I ventured into a new world. Oh I am sooooo glad you couldn't all see me. What a sight I must have looked. I was rather embarrassed putting the gear on as I probably looked like I could swim properly instead of bubbling and flapping all over the place. Golly I was so exhausted trying to learn to breathe at the right time and when to do it with what stroke when and where! Took me a while to realise that I could keep my eyes open and see without them being water blogged! Not sure how many lengths I swam but it certainly is a whole new skill for me to accomplish but hopefully I'll be able to swim easier, not get neck strains from trying to keep my head above water and be able to go faster in the long term!

Change of subject.  I love listening to audio stories whether they be on the radio, a cassette or cd. I tend to borrow them from the library and have done this for many many years. You can be listening to a good story whilst doing the housework, ironing or whilst driving. I am not very good at reading a book - cause either I haven't got the time or I fall asleep whilst reading! But for a change I hired a bit of a chick flick cd, change from a murder. I have listened to a few of this authors' stories and they are easy listening (pardon the pun)!

Without trying to ruin the story for you the main theme is about this girl who gets told she only has 1 week to live and something will happen to her. This set me off thinking what would I do if I only had a week to live and was still well enough to enjoy it. Decided I would visit all my family and friends, make sure I'd sorted out any bills/paperwork etc, write letters to all my loved ones, give away my precious things, make sure I was right with God. Then I'd start doing some more outrageous things like saying to some what I truly think, do something naughty (not sure what!), eat out in a very very posh restaurant and if the quantity was so tiny go and eat at another one, go to somewhere like Disneyland and insist on not having to queue for any rides, these were just some thoughts. What would you do?

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