Monday, 4 March 2013

Family Weekend

For any Welsh readers happy belated St David's day.

Had a lovely weekend spending time with part of the family. No 3, hubby and dog came to stay (from Bristol). She's now 20 weeks pregnant. They came Friday night and Mr P and No 3 stayed up till 1am talking - how sweet. Saturday my dad came too and this provided an opportunity to reduce my challenge slightly. So lunch I made a pea and mint soup with some olive toasted ciabatti.

Definitely green! Recipe taken from this book - yet another book by Jamie.

The afternoon was spent down Queens Road mooching around the charity, antique and of course the wonderful wool shop. Have to say we were very restrained and I got a couple of balls of wool to make a matinee coat. No 3's hubby and my dad felt a calling to the cafe for cake and hot chocolate. Should say Mr P does not do shopping, so he stayed at home to change his bikes brake shoes. Unfortunately dinner was a roast so no book was required.

Mr P finally managed to have his first experience of cutting up my credit card! No I haven't been naughty it was just that he had lost his credit card and mine being linked to his was no longer valid.

Sunday was church followed by a trip to the Fabric Guild - didn't buy much just one remnant at 60p and 1 ball of wool. Mind you at church I thought we would never get out as so many people wanted to congratulate No 3 and hubby, examine the lump and them deciding that the baby will surely be a girl. The people at church are so so sweet. Strange their verdict because hubby is positive it will be a boy! I find it so funny how people can make such judgements - I haven't a clue.

After lunch - yesterdays leftover soup was a serious game of chess.

Silence was in order with the only noise being the clicking of the knitting needles - oh and telling Poppy, the dog, to lie down - as her tail is lethal and was in danger of sending the chess pieces flying.

She looks so innocent but every few minutes she has to do a circle around the rooms downstairs to check there has been no food dropped and left for her! As soon as anyone goes into the kitchen she's there with you! Ever hopeful!

Dinner came out of the same book - useless aren't I. I am getting behind with this challenge - oh heck and it's only March.


This was the first time I have ever used shitake mushrooms - they are certainly full of flavour and have a sort of texture that the regular mushrooms do not have.

This knitting pattern was the first thing I ever knitted. It was when I was first pregnant with No 1. and I knitted it in jade green. Sadly I do not have the garments, don't know what happened to them. SO it seemed appropriate to be knitting my first garment for little Nemo using the same pattern.

This is the back, ready to put onto a pin. I like this green, sorry the picture has washed the colour out.

 127 cookery books     16 recipes completed        111 books to go.

302 days to go.

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