Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cooking Madness

Well the last few days, whilst outside winter has not wanted to let go, the kitchen has seen a lot of heat and activity.

Thursday Mr P was away in Northumberland so I made use of the opportunity to cook myself a curry (Mr P not being very keen about curries). Found this rather nice one in a Gordon Ramsay book.

It was really yummy, almost a bit too bland - think Mr P could have easily eaten it.

The naan bread was well yummy - coriander and garlic flavoured. Not a terribly healthy dinner - no veggie troubles.

Knowing that Easter is fast approaching and dad coming to dinner on Friday it was time to make him and us a simnel cake.

Took the recipe from this small booklet. Note it says 40th edition. I know my mum had one in black and white and I used to love to cook from it when I was a child.

Think I allowed too much marzipan for the stones! Oh well it will still taste good. The two cakes took all night to bake - so I had to get up at 6.30am to do the topping.

Again with Mr P still away and knowing that he doesn't enjoy fish very much - this seemed to be the perfect book to use in his absence.

Not sure if I have ever used this book before - but the recipe wasn't too hard to prepare but it felt to me that the instructions were all over the place. Or was it because dad and I were drinking some of the champagne left from the bottle and talking!

Well dad said it was the best meal he has ever eaten cooked by me. I have to say it was utterly delicious and I shall be making it again. There was enough leftover for him to take back with him.

I didn't add butter to the potatoes as the sauce was sooo rich.

Pudding came from a book that I have used quite often. Love the cover.

Another version of a bread and butter pudding.

It was ok but I didn't think it was that special.

Forgot to take a picture of it until after we had finished eating! This was a bit of it left.

Saturday and Mr P is now back from his travels. So time for something safe to eat.

Haven't made sweet and sour chicken for ages. It was a dish I used to make a lots in the 80's. Still rather enjoyable with some rice.

Pudding came from this book. I do find the recipes in this book rather fiddly to make. It feels as if Gary has tried to make the recipes as hard as possible to make, when they do not need to be.

I bought this book second hand - but it looks as if Gary has signed it. Maybe one day it might be worth something.

I always like steaming a pudding. I don't know why but I always feel as if I'm being very domesticated. I think of my mother in law and her steamed up kitchen and all those great chefs of years gone by.

This steamer I bought from Asda some years ago, it does have three layers. I don't use it every week but when I do I'm always grateful as to how useful it is and think oh I must use it more often.

Always exciting to unwrap these small packages and have the fun of turning the puddings out to see the jewels at the bottom of the tin.

So as you can see I have been busy - hopefully this has reduced my challenge a little.
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 Decided to place the books I have already used on a separate bookshelf - hopefully to make it easier to see which ones need to be used.



25 books used. 102 books to go. 289 days to go.


  1. Signed copies of Gary's book are going for £8 - £25, so you might have to wait a bit to make your fortune!

  2. So looks as if I can't retire just yet then!

  3. wow you have been busy, that is a lot of cooking even for you!