Thursday, 3 October 2013

Me Being Daft or Disastrous!

Yes I know it's not hard to imagine this but I feel as if that has been a theme for me this week!

I'm going to blame the time of year - being so dark when I wake up and getting dark early. Not enough day light hours to keep me sane. Even the chickens are rebelling by shedding their feathers and refusing to lay any eggs! Well here goes my daft list.

1)  Several times this week I have found myself in the bathroom unable to remember whether or not I have used my deodrant. Deciding for good luck I'd better do it again.

2) Hunting for my mug of tea only to discover that I've already drank it!

3) Sending my boss a copy of my appraisal only to discover her sending me an email back because I forgot to attach it!

4) Waking up early and having a crazy conversation with Mr P which went like this: "I'm sorry I'm sensitive to you having a disturbed night". Mr P then replies "I'm sorry I'm sensitive to you being sensitive about me having a disturbed night!"

5) Trying to discuss with my clients a new nicotine product without getting the giggles. The new product being - oral strips!

6)Deciding to harvest some of my carrots. I knew they were a small type but not this small!

The spoon is a teaspoon!

7) Leaving choir practice last night with Bach buzzing around in my ears and then suddenly finding myself being propelled into the air, my bag flying and me left prostrate across a car park - bottom in the air and today's washing on display! Feeling rather humiliated in front of others I got up quickly and pretended I was fine! But oh I was rather shaken up and my palms rather grazed. I have no idea how my clothes didn't get ripped. Today I feel as if I've done a very intense gym session with so many of my muscles aching.

Have since made contact with the church and they tell me that this concrete divider was a wall that belongs to the council - so tomorrow I have to make contact with them. No not to sue them but suggest they do something before someone else trips and doesn't bounce as well as me!

8) Trying to bake a ringed cake as a special treat for Saturdays tea when all the family are her - but disaster it sticks in the tin - I did grease it extra well, not sure why this happened - aaaaagh!

 Don't think I'll be entering The Great British Bake Off!

9) Finally just as I am writing this blog my home phone has just rung. I went to answer it only to discover a very very very distant relative on the other end, whom I have not seen or spoken to since 1978! She rang to ask me if certain members of my family die she wants to know so that she can come to the funeral! How bizarre is that?!

Golly I better go to bed before anything else happens. Good night all.

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