Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Knitting and Stitching Show Alexandra Palace 2013 - Part Two

Ok time for me to take my work hat off and cast my brain back to Saturday...................

So one end of Ally Pally is that beautiful stained glass window then on the opposite side is this wonderful looking organ.

You can also see from this picture just how busy this show was. In fact it was rather too much at times because there was no air conditioning and no windows or doors open to let in some air. Consequently I was sweating, Mrs A developing a headache and many ladies getting irritable. So Mrs A and I headed to collapse on the floor by some stairs as there was no where to sit!

We sat, ate some more lunch, drank some water, discussed the show and where we were heading next. By this time feeling ready for more action we headed back into the hall. (I do like Mrs A's socks - far more interesting than my boring black woolly tights)!

Isn't this blankie gorgeous? Some women can never have enough handbags or shoes - I think it's blankets for me!

These animal teddies are such fun - oh if only I didn't have to go to work!

I really like these knitted dolls, could just see them scattered around various rooms, but the price of the pattern I just couldn't justify ( not to mention all the unfinished projects I have yet to complete). Sense prevailed - sadly:(

Thought I'd look up the website for AK Miro for you all and just discovered they are from Australia! Mmmm looks as if I ever want to make them then I will need to adapt it as there are some patterns available from magazines but not the wool available in the UK. OR I wait another year for them to come to the UK again - mmmmmm

Some people are just insanely gifted - how stunning is this embroidery.

Just look at those knitting needles - they must be great for making rugs.

Why this picture of a mens loo I can hear you asking - well I've moaned that the organisers of the show didn't get the heating right but I must praise them for having the sense to reassign the mens loo for women to use!

Outside the entrance was this yarn bombed taxi. It's something to do with promoting school reading.

Time for a final picture before we had to board the coach back home....

Well what did we buy? Have to say I thought we'd be coming back with bags of stuff, but no we only bought a few items. There were some ladies going around with shopping trollies full!

This is Mrs A's toys! - Very reserved for her.

One small embroidery picture to complete.

I needed some sort of frame for the cross stitch I am trying to do (along with all my other projects!)

It's quite a clever device as it can be adjusted to many different sizes.

One sheet of paper with a crochet pattern for oooooops a blanket! Do have a look at Mrs Moon's website - they have some lovely things.

Finally I bought these few shawl pins from Textile Garden.

Now it's time to go to bed and think about my early start in the morning - good night all.


  1. I would have loved to see the ladies using those urinals ... or perhaps not, but it would certainly have been entertaining

  2. Mmmmm - I now have bad/wild images in my mind!