Monday, 7 October 2013

Rowan and Twins Meet.

This last weekend rushed by in a whirlwind. It started Friday pm with Rowan, Poppy and mommy and daddy arriving from Bristol. We enjoyed a peaceful evening catching up, drinking wine and eating nibbles. Even Rowan behaved and was quiet. He has started smiling now.

 Saturday morning was the grand preparation of dinner for 9 adults. Both sets of grandparents coming to view all the babies. Lunch time the twins etc etc arrived - well it was hard to see them because they almost seemed hidden amongst all their gear! How can such small things need so much stuff?

Not sure which twin this one was but she looked so cute, fast asleep. Then there came that magic time when all three were asleep at the same time! BLISS! Golly Silence is golden by the Tremoloes became very meaningful this weekend!

Well silence for a short while until Sophia in the middle decided it was time to attack Rowan and assert her twin authority!

Then she looks all innocent - "it wasn't me!"

Now someone at work said when I announced that I was going to become a grandma said I would need a big lap - hence I was desperate to have this next picture - sorry excuse my wild hair but there hadn't been much time to sort me out!

Sunday arrived along with a beautiful sunshine. The new parents tried to go out for a walk in the park, but it took soo long for them to get out. As just as one baby is fed then another one needs sorting out! But they did manage it. I think they wanted to have the fun of blocking the path with three babies - oh bless!

The reason for this picture is that Rowan decided he needed a bit of a top up! So even the short walk had to be halted for one baby!

I do so love seeing these precious little clothes hanging on the washing line. Sorry the colours not good, but those tiny tights with their small bows sooooo delightful.

Then there was a moment when all three were being "burped" at the same time! Note the chocolates on the table - none left by the end of the day! :(

Rowan in his "Burrita" position!

Last cuddle before they went home.

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