Sunday, 13 October 2013

Knitting and Stitching Show Alexandra Palace 2013 - Part One

It's nearly 11pm the day after the show and I now feel ready/recovered to write this blog. Yesterday started at 6am with a cuppa. Mr P kindly got up early too to take Mrs A and myself to the coach station for 7.30am. One hour later and the coach is just one mile up the road from where I live!!!! The reason being it had to pick up ladies from various different points.

After a last pick up at Market Harborough we eventually headed out onto the M1 and felt as if we were truly on our way. Well this was after the driver decided to give us all a small talk about the coach, safety exits and a toilet. Well Mrs A and I didn't think it had one until we were told to the contrary - think it must have been in the boot! I don't think I could have ever found it without being sick! But the driver did make us laugh informing us all that it was only for No 1's and  not any No 2's! After a thirty minute "comfort stop" we finally were on the last leg of the journey and I found myself eating my picnic lunch early in order to tank up and have more time at the show.

I reckon this must be a door to the toilet - perhaps you have to abseil to the toilet! No seriously the driver was lovely and made us all as comfortable as he could, and I would recommend Woods to you all. Then finally the view we had all been waiting for came into sight......

We were all sooooo excited - should say the coach was full with women! Then what seemed an eternity the coach came to a halt in the appropriate car park and we all piled out, tickets in our hands. The next picture is the view across London that you get from outside  Alexandra Palace.

Then we saw the enormous queue to get in - it went round three sides of the building, but it did move quickly. Here is Mrs A waiting patiently in the queue.

Shortly we are inside.

I love this glass ceiling.

These teddies were knitted with alpaca wool - so soft.

Think these teapot cosies such fun.

Then there were several exhibitions of people who are very gifted and talented.....

Love the bold bright colours of the tank top - wouldn't it be such fun to wear it, you'd certainly get noticed!

This picture is all stitched - amazing!

One end of the building is this gorgeous stain glassed window.

This is the second show that I've seen Stuart. He was one of the contestants on the television programme Great British Sewing Bee. Can't wait until the BBC does a second series.

Discovered two stalls selling wonderful tweed fabric from Donegal in Northern Ireland - Magee and Fabric Affair

This is a blanket made from one of Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket. Over ten months, subscribers receive patterns and materials to knit individual squares which join together to make an exquisite blanket. The theme of the project is kept secret, only to be discovered as the squares are completed and the blanket takes shape. I'd love to take part in one but it costs rather a lot of money. Here she is talking about her scheme to a customer. She's the one in the beanie hat.

Opposite was another stall doing something rather similar but with crochet by Jane Crowfoot
She's the one wearing the scarf.

Then we headed for the Jamiesons Wool  stall. They came all the way from the Shetland Isles to be at this event. They make some lovely wool. But look what else I saw "A MAN" and he was choosing some wool!

Golly it's nearly 11.30pm and I need to go to bed. So will do Part 2 in the next few days!

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