Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Walkabouts With Mr P

Weather a bit dodgy and after yesterdays walk we decided to have a rather more relaxing day. We headed off to Norham, but on the way we passed what was the old station.

It is  for sale if you have a spare £420,000 - doesn't it look so lovely.

 From what I can gather the last train went through in 1965. I do hope it gets bought soon and the museum continues.

We eventually reached Norham and then made a walk around the village. It is found on the side of the River Tweed,  famous for its salmon fishing and dividing England from Scotland.  Norham Parish Church is full of history but I did find it rather strange to have this old coffin cart placed by the pews.

After an interesting walk we then headed to Chain Bridge Honey Farm. This is a wonderful, unusual place. It is full of vehicles being restored, honey factory, a museum, play area for small children and all free. Best of all is the cafe in a double decker bus.

It's such fun sitting upstairs having a cuppa and cake.

Most of the staff are all family and it is such a treat to talk with them.

This is a 1942 Austin fire engine that was used in London during the war. It was then used in Newcastle and then to Wooler and finally made it to Horncliffe to be restored. I hope they get a ladder to put on the top.

This was the view inside, isn't it cute? 

I could show you lots of more pictures but don't want to bore you all but as you can see it is well worth a visit if you are in this region. By early afternoon it started raining - shocking I know. Don't do this wet stuff! So we headed to Berwick as Mr P wanted to buy some walking trousers. Tomorrow he is off to Scotland, for the day. He is planning on walking two munros. He would like to climb them all. So far has done two and only another 178 roughly to go! This is his plan for tomorrow Ben Vorlich and Stuc a'Chroin. After all these activities it was time to continue our cafe crawl onto Holy Island, to Pilgrims Coffee Shop.

I was a little disappointed that they have started using paper cups, but I suspect they are finding themselves rather busy. They do make all their own cakes and whilst we were there they must have been baking chocolate brownies - wonderful aroma. Well time for bed.

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