Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Well The Weather Outside Is Frightful......

Golly what a week of weather , ice, rain, dark, frost, hail, wind and occasionally some sun. It's been one of those weeks we have in England when you just don't want to go out unless you really have to. Unfortunately I still had to go to work and do all my usual stuff regardless of the weather. Highlight of the week was the weekend. Saturday was the concert with the choir I sing with. It was absolutely brilliant being able to sing with a full orchestra and professional soloists.

We sang Bach's B Minor Mass. Now I had never heard the music before until we started rehearsing and I can confidently say that it has become one of my top favourites. One of the things that I love about this choir is the conductor Richard Laing.  He is great at picking music that is not often performed and I have never heard of. So the last few years have been great for having my taste in music widened.

If you listen to this mass then you will discover it is two cds long! So it was quite a feat especially I should think for some of the older members of the choir - as we had already spent a few hours rehearsing during the afternoon. Days later and I still have the music buzzing around my head - great night. The evening was finished with some bread, cheese and wine!

Sunday Mr P had a rare day off. But the weather outside was frightful! So no nice country walks with a pub meal but instead a train trip into Birmingham. We decided to go and visit the German Christmas Market.

Apologies for all the pictures but they were taken on my phone as I did not want to take my camera out in all the pouring rain. Well the stalls were lovely and bright but the rain! No comment. I felt sorry for all the people working on these stalls trying to keep warm, stopping their stock being blown away by the weather.

Oooh not sure I could bring myself to eat reindeer burgers! Seems a little cruel at this time of year! What a hypocrite I am!

There was an outdoor icerink, but it was covered with rain. I felt sorry for the people as they fell onto the ice only to get drenched.

Loved the idea of hiring a penguin to push around to enable children to keep their balance. Sadly didn't see any mummy or daddy penguins for the adults!

If you haven't been to one of these markets then you may find it hard to understand why you get so hungry - but everywhere is food! But with the rain pouring and no indoor  seating we decided to eat in a restaurant. By this stage we did not mind where and the first place we found with some available seats was Ask Italian. It's funny we were just going to have a bit to eat but as we sat there the lull of delicious food and wine changed our minds. We ended up eating delicious roasted duck with roast potatoes and spinach gratin.

 Sorry apologies for a terrible picture but it was so yummy that I still wanted to show you. Accompanied this with a large glass of red wine and for Paul a soft drink as he dislikes wine! Now I was really full after the dinner and was not going to have a pudding. I'm not really a pudding girl but I took one look at the menu and fell in love with the pear frangipane tart!

It does come with cream but my body does not get on with cream so I had some ice cream. Oh it was delicious. This was then followed with an espresso and a glass of water. I was worried that when I popped to the loo that I wouldn't be able to do my jeans back up! Oh they even offered mince pies with the coffee - I refused there was NO space left in my belly! We then glanced at the time to discover it was 3pm and we had hardly seen a thing! Being Sunday the shops close early. So we decided to make a dash to John Lewis to have a look at Duplo for the grandchildren. Now Mr P and I were born in Birmingham but left in 1980. I think it would be easier to find our way around if we had never lived there as our brains were trying to get the geography of the town together and failing! It took us a while to find the store.

We discovered that John Lewis has been built above New Street Station(images). Golly it looks amazing but we had not left enough time to discover it more. Have to come back another day.

I know I said we went to look at duplo, but the fabric department was right next door - so couldn't resist a peep. So many wonderful fabrics - very tempting, but I resisted.

I did like the decorations but I couldn't help but see this trees as bottle brush cleaners! Well we couldn't stay long as the store had to close and I too was running out of energy, starting a cold. Time to head back home but not till we had a mooch in Foyles Bookshop.

On the crafting front it is a little bit secret - busy making things for the grandchildren - so sadly cannot display my creativity! But I can show you a hat I quickly knitted last week for a very dear friend who has started chemotherapy and will need some hats.

Well I better love you and leave you. I need to go to work and leave some products for my clients this afternoon. I am going to be unable to see them as I have NO voice! Mr P is jumping with glee - he says I cannot nag him now! Bye and keep warm.

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