Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I'm Home - Northumberland

Oh at long last I have finally made it back up north, home. Haven't been to the cottage since March of this year and I have sooooooooo missed it. So unashamedly I have loads of pictures.

View of the River Tweed after the weekends Desmond Storm.

Golly I forget how bright the sky is here. I wonder when I retire will I get used to this brightness and not notice it? Hope not.

Of course I have to have a pilgrimage to Holy Island, looking across to Beal.

A paddle in the sea - yes with wellies on! Cheating I know, but I'm not stupid. But I couldn't wade out to St Cuthberts Island.

Tide was in too high to venture across.

Golly I think this castle must hold a record for the number of photographs been taken of this view!

Trying to be arty farty!

Now the beauty of being on my own is that I can choose all the rubbishy films to watch. So here I am watching Disney's film "Santa Who".

Also can be selfish and choose exactly where I want to walk and the distance. So today, after struggling for 10 days with some sort of virus that has left me with very little voice I chose just to do a short walk along the coast into Seahouses.

I love the way these seagulls were lined up sitting on top of the poles.

I can't help it I love boats! Sorry family! You just don't have to look!

I love Seahouses harbour. It's a great place, if you are hungry, to sit and eat fish and chips looking at the boats!

Playing around with the colour settings.

But what I need to remember that this isn't just a postcard picture place but somewhere that people's livelihood depends on.

This area is home to the eider ducks. They have a funny neck action and noise!

Then as I'm walking around I remember the wonderful fish shop and have to pop in to buy myself something for my tea.

I opted for a nice piece of smoked haddock - nom nom. Time for a cuppa and then walk back. Suddenly the sky went black and a large shower occurred. But it was so worth it to see this amazing rainbow.

Sorry couldn't get the whole rainbow into the picture.

I am very privileged to be able to have the opportunity to take time off to enjoy walking in this beautiful area and having time to play with my camera.

Well tomorrow I'm off to Edinburgh, on the train, hopefully to get some Christmas shopping done. Thanks for popping by. Take care and have a good week.


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    1. Thank you - Northumberland is just full of wonder. I am finding to hard to wait till I retire to live here.