Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Greetings To You All

 Golly since I came back from Northumberland I have been working at least 17 hours each day - either at work or at home. Just been getting the house ready for Christmas as we have 14 to stay for 3-4 days. Been busy crafting and making hampers. Now I must make a note to myself and begin hamper making much earlier in the year. Also busy baking for Christmas. But it is now 11pm on 23rd December and finally my A4 sheet of jobs is looking almost completed! Hurray. Just paid work to do tomorrow, oh and a very early trip to the hairdressers. Followed by clearing a bedroom of my work stuff, potatoes and veg to peel, quick vacuum - oh and think of something to eat for dinner. Then poor Mr P has to do a 8pm Carol service at his village church, come home and then we will be off to a midnight service. Bless him he is giving our cooker a big clean - ready for the big cook. As I type the oven door is off with chemicals doing their magic.

My Christmas is divided into three lovely parts. Christmas day with friends coming, then Boxing Day the whole family descending for several days of wonderful mayhem. This is then followed by time spent at our home in Northumberland, just Mr P and myself.

I am so lucky as I know out there are many people for whom Christmas is something they have to get through. I want to wish you all a very special Christmas and I shall pray for those who this time of year is difficult that God will give you a special blessing. Thank you for reading my weird blog and I also wish you a great new year. Bye.

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