Saturday, 12 December 2015

Farewell Post

Well today is my last full day in Northumberland. Even the weather seemed to be reflecting my feelings, grey and wet! I started off with good intentions to have a long stroll around the coast at Holy Island, but the weather was so dull.

After I took this picture I realised there was a white thing looming in the far middle of this picture. Of course snow on the cheviot. Golly it must be cold!

Not sure what sort of plant this is growing in the dunes.

As the weather got worse I decided to call this walk a day and head into Berwick to buy a Christmas tree to take back to Leicester. Golly what a hard decision it is! I kept walking around them all, some were really good on the top but then seemed to be lacking branches at the bottom, then if they were good lower down were then sparse on top. After much mooching through all the trees I have hopefully picked one that fulfills my brief. Excited having seen the snow I decide to drive to Wooler, in order to get some better pictures of the snow. Sadly as I drove the rain got heavier and the hills were just shrouded in cloud. No snow could be seen. Still had a nice walk around the town of Wooler.
Tried to take one picture on the way back.

Never mind back to the cottage for a bacon buttie and a mug of hot tea.

Eeeh bah gum it has gone very cold and I decided to brighten up the afternoon and evening with the coal fire going and a bit of crochet.

I'm still busy crocheting this blanket. It's taking ages because I have to keep stopping to do other Christmas projects.

We only have an artificial tree at the cottage, doesn't seem worth the expense of a real one when we only get to see it for a short while.

The tree bunting is up.

Table decorations - I know a bit naff but it isn't our proper home yet.

Angels crocheted and wreath added to the door.

Oh well I have had a lovely week and I am really looking forward to seeing Mr P again. Back to traffic lights ( note Northumberland has NO traffic lights) and work. Need to get back to get Christmas food on the go etc etc. Bye from Northumberland.

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