Monday, 11 February 2013


Having spent most of Saturday in the kitchen I yet again find myself in the kitchen. No it's not to do any cooking but rather clear up my mess and clean it - especially the floor.


                                  AND AFTER

As you can see a much needed improvement.

I just love the colour this brings to my window sill.

Sunday I couldn't face starting anything new in my crafting world so carried on with some crochet flowers. Hopefully by next week all will be revealed.

I just love piling them up in this gorgeous dish.

Even like piling up all my cut off bits - always seems such a shame to bin them.

This morning woke up to a dusting of snow and somehow the snowdrops looked even prettier covered in a dusting of snow and ice.

Don't these flowers look lovely. This coming Saturday we are planning on visiting a proper garden to see a display of snowdrops - maybe some more pretty photographs.

Finally one lady came to the craft group tonight and bought her finished lap blanket. I just love this pattern. She used up lots of her leftover sock wool. She knits fantastic socks for her family for Christmas presies. Lucky relatives.

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