Friday, 1 February 2013

Very Late Posting

This week has been rather busy at work with lots of people wanting to stop smoking cigarettes, rather sadly I have seen a few men who have recently suffered a heart attack and they are only in their 30's! Scarey!.

Ratty has found his food! Lets hope this is farewell to him.

But I have also been rather busy at home, in the kitchen and playing "hookie"!

After reading a blog by Meme Rose I was rather inspired to bake some pear and cinnamon muffins - especially as we have a few old pears sitting in a fridge drawer. They were very yummy and am planning on making some tomorrow with raspberries.

Amazingly there are just a few left.

Now to the hookie. What have I been making?

Clue one - involved a glue gun (wonderful devices).

Clue two - involves pegs and small crochet flowers.

This is for you to guess. Hopefully when I have made some more flowers I will show you the result.

Tonight we have had some lovely visitors and of course I have managed to use 2 cookery books for the meal. One of the guests has far more cookery books than me! Has about four or five Billy Book cases full of them! Wow would really like to see this collection. She is very interested in having cook books from around the world. What a great idea - mmmm set me thinking about my collection.

Dinner came from a Nigella Lawson book - it's a book that I have used often.

I find the layout a bit confusing but enjoy the recipes.

Think Mr P rather enjoys watching her on TV as she cooks rather sexily!

The recipe is rather similar to something I've made fairly recently but it's a good one to do in order to prepare a day in advance. The smell of it slowly cooking last night was rather tempting not to pick at it. Nearly forgot to take a picture of the casserole - this picture is just what is left (which will be enough to give my dad to take home tomorrow).

Doesn't look very appetising but it was a great recipe to dunk French bread into.

Pudding came from the latest cook book that I sneaked in over the Christmas period. I know my sister loves this author.

Lorraine looks so pretty - doesn't look as if she eats any of her own puddings, with that figure!

I have never ever made this pie before. It was the first time I have ever cooked a tin of condensed milk in a saucepan for two hours!

It was rather yummy but I would have like to have had more gorgeous caramel and it was also hard to taste the bananas that had been cooked in rum. Maybe some of the flavour was lost because I partly made it last night. Shall certainly have another go at making this pud.

127 cookery books     9 recipes completed        118 books to go.

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