Monday, 28 January 2013

Pic N'Mix

Mr P has now caught my cold - but instead of a cold he has man flu! So just as I am feeling back to normal and returned to the swimming pool today bugs are still floating around here.

Every Monday a craft group meets in my home and there are some very talented ladies. Thought I'd show you a little of some of their work.

This lady has just learnt to crochet and look how well she is doing. The granny squares are to cover a cushion - hopefully I'll be able to show you a photo when she's completed it.

One lady has started making some 8" squares for a charity. The squares get posted to South Africa where some prisoners sew them together for orphan babies to lie on. Here's a link if you are interested in contributing some squares. knit a square  As you can see the square has been knitted so that you start with one stitch and then increase at the beginning of each row. This way saves you having to worry about how many stitches you need to cast on to make an 8" square - instead you just stop increasing at the desired width and start decreasing.

Here's a rather beautiful tapestry in the making.

Another lady has just knitted a couple of mug hugs for another charity.

A cardigan for a much cherished grand daughter.

 A prolific card maker who came tonight for the first time without her baby - hubby babysitting and there was no phone call for her to race back home.

For quite a long time I have been making this rag rug on Monday nights. Looking at this picture it looks as if it's almost complete but when you see the back then you can see just how much more I have to do.

Well time for Bedfordshire and three very busy days of work ahead. Good night.

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