Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snow to Spring Overnight

Yesterday was an eventful day. The choir I sing in had its "Come and sing day". For those who are not into singing this a day when many people from lots of choirs come together and learn a piece of music in a day and then perform it in the evening. Yesterday we learnt and performed Carmina Burama by Carl Orff.

Think there was about 140 who attended which was good considering all the snow that was still around from the week.

The choir was accompanied by 2 excellent pianists on 2 grand pianos, also we had 3 lads from the school on percussion. They did a great job and worked really hard to learn the music too.

If you are not into classical music this is certainly a good piece to listen to - it's very lively and noisy. I enjoyed singing it and can recommend these sorts of days as an introduction into the choral singing world - give it a go.

It was a surprise to look out of the bedroom window this morning to see green again and not white. Also could see some new life that has been struggling to appear under all the snow.

New life in the kitchen too.

Dad bought me these lovely tulips which again reminds me of spring.

I just loved putting these flowers in my enamel jug something rather rustic, sorry don't know quite how to express myself here.

Mr P has been rather busy completing a jig saw puzzle - it's been years since he had done one. As he's got nearer finishing it has been rather tempting to do a few pieces.

 Oh going back to the garden - have started feeding the rat with some rather blue pellets - farewell ratty (hopefully)

Well back to the challenges - managed another Friday without a glass of wine, just three more to go!

Cookery challenge involved me using this book that I inherited from my mum.

Doesn't he look young?

Opted for the chicken wrapped in pancetta with leeks and thyme, served with tiny roast potatoes and peas. Did debate cooking the chicken with the Bombay potatoes but seems as Mr P has had to eat 2 vegetarian dinners in the last few days thought I'd please him with the non spicy choice.

Pudding came from another book inherited from mum. I wasn't too sure what I could use from the book but amazingly there was plenty to choose from.

This book was published in 1958, two years before I was born.

All the pages are in black and white.

Mr P sooo enjoyed this pudding that he actually had the cheek to ask me if I had bought it! Not sure what that says about my cooking? Fortunately I made four small puds so he can have the delights again tomorrow.

127 cookery books     7 recipes completed        120 books to go.

Now finally to finish with my dad thinks he's being funny - he came yesterday with another cookery book! I call it "badness"! So have decided that I am not including anymore books into my challenge that people give me this year - tough if you don't agree.


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