Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Friends and Fountains Abbey

Apologies started this blog some days ago, but then had a problem with my laptop - probably doesn't flow too well! Try better next time!

OK I cannot believe I find myself heading north on the M1, on a Friday afternoon, in the pouring rain! Yes it's an absolute guarantee the journey is going to take an eternity to get anywhere. I started out with the sat nav saying I'd arrive at 6pm and I finally arrived at 7.20pm! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! I HATE the M1!

OK moaning over and done with and now why I find myself heading north: it was to visit with some friends from Leeds. The date was booked months ago to meet up as four couples to share an early Christmas celebration. The home was lovely and warm with the wonderful aroma of dinner cooking, beautiful lit candles glimmering and then and nearly best of all a good glass of red wine. Just what I needed. I actually found myself shaking on the doorstep. I think it was the concentration needed to arrive safely. Now poor Mr P he was travelling down from Northumberland, on the motorbike, in all the rain. I arrived after him but apparently it took some time for him to warm up, as he arrived dripping! Now I was going to show you some lovely photographs of the meal - but I was sooooo hungry and sooooo enjoying meeting up with friends who we have not seen for some time that I forgot to get the camera out! Even though I only drank two glasses of wine I was rather on a high. I guess after a week of not seeing Mr P, being deprived of a telephone, the long journey seeing old friends sent me very loud and giggly. Also I had been listening to Radio 2 and they had people phoning in saying where they were heading too and it kinda got me really into the socialising spirit. Sorry I'm rabbitting on and maybe no one out there understands what I'm talking about! But this is me with my poor and limited vocabulary!

The next day Mr and Mrs J had organised a picnic and we headed out to Fountains Abbey. Now I thought we'd visited this place when we lived in Leeds but I think we must have only seen it from a distance. It was truly amazing. We started off with a walk around the grounds outside the estate. After all the previous days rain everywhere was rather gray but I was just excited to be out and about in wonderful Yorkshire countryside.

Ooooops gap in time - computer had a breakdown and had to go for major surgery to another Mr P. Thank you sooooooooooo much Mr P no 2. I am so grateful for all your help in fixing my laptop.

I enjoy living in Leicester but I do miss so much being out in the hills, rivers and valleys. I guess it makes me appreciate the countryside when I get the chance to go.

The deer was out but too far away for me to get a good view. I think after all the rain from the previous night there was this haze, but somehow it made everywhere look rather magical/mystical.

The abbey was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I begin to notice that my camera is displaying a warning sign that the battery is very low. I was so cross with myself for leaving the spare battery back in Leeds.

We went for a cuppa and came out to see the sun had managed to break through all the mist to give this fine view - BUT only for about 30 minutes and then came back the haze.

You can just see the haze starting to swell.

Such a wonderful experience and all too soon the light fades and we need to head back home.

Mr P and I decided that we must visit here again and spend more time with the camera. Can really recommend anyone to visit here.

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