Monday, 17 November 2014

Newark Trip

Now a few weeks ago, one of the blogs I read, Bunny Mummy, made a trip to Newark. This inspired me to make a visit there too. Newark is somewhere as a child I used to pass through on the train. My grandma lived in Lincoln and by the time the train from Birmingham arrived at Newark I knew my journey did not have too long to go. More recently it is somewhere that the A46 bypasses on the way to the A1, as I head north for Northumberland. So I have found myself at various times in my life been very close and yet never actually seen Newark for myself. I believe my mum used to travel as a teenager to Newark to visit boyfriends!

So on a cold damp miserable Saturday I headed out. Now Newark seemed to be further than I thought. I guess usually when I pass it I'm thinking of being in the car for a 4 1/2 hour journey but the 40 minute trip just seemed longer - doesn't make much sense, but then I probably never do! Having left Leicester in milder temperature I was rather taken aback as I got out the car to a cold chill. I was wearing a coat but hadn't bothered with a cardigan. I decided to leave the walk around by the river till later on when hopefully the sun would come out and head to the shops instead, to get warm.

There were some lovely traditional buildings.

Then I could not believe my eyes - Wimpy Bar! 
I didn't think they still existed, just been reading they first started 1954!

Newark seemed to have lots of small alleys to choose to venture. Then I came across the market.

Having explored the shops I then decided I had warmed up enough to head down to the river and to see the castle.

I believe you can book to have a tour through some of the remaining castle.

This was one of the views I could see from the castle.

I decided to see the castle from the riverside - think you'll agree a lovely view.

As I look towards the town centre I decide that the hope of seeing some sun is a non starter. The church spire is gradually disappearing! I opt for going home to a nice warm house. I hope to come back another day and explore the river and castle further.

Sorry I love boats and loved the smell of the smoke - sad I know.

Kind of felt that the weather made the river very atmospheric. Back home for a lovely warming mug of tea and some wonderful buttered toast - soooo comforting. After a bit of crafting I then headed to one of my local shops. It looked so pretty that I just had to take a picture.

They have some wonderful original gifts.

Mr P was busy working at church and so I decided that in order to spend some time together I would prepare the ingredients for a raclette. It was a lovely way to end the day.

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