Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wedding Bells

I am just recovering from a wonderful full weekend away in Leeds. Friday I took the day off to travel north to help with wedding preparations. In case you've missed a blog then you need to know that Saturday saw my 4th and last child got married. Now what I had not appreciated was how organised  my new daughter-in-law is.We arrived at the barn, where the reception was to be held, an hour after the other helpers, and it was virtually decorated from top to bottom. The bride to be had spent the last year or so creating decorations for the event.

As you can see there was a colourful theme of purple and turquoise. The bland barn was turned into wonderful colours with twinkling lights. The bride had everything planned to the last detail. After the barn we all went to the church where more decorating took place, followed by a family  band practice. I am very fortunate to have children who are musical. So my older daughter sang along with her very talented hubby on the guitar. They played during the signing of the register as well as during the service. A friend of my son played the drums, but usually this would have been my son but he can't be standing at the front of the church and sitting behind drums! My hubby played the piano - he had the daunting task of playing a piece of Einauddi for the bride to walk into the church. He practised everyday and he did fantastic on the day. I played my flute during the service and a little bit of singing. Other members of the family are musical too but they were tied up with babies! The evening, what was left of it, was back at the hotel having a meal together.

Golly I chose a chicken burger thinking it would be burger shaped chicken meat - but it was in fact 2 pieces of chicken breasts chargrilled with some bacon. Oh boy was it succulent and delicious! Note no wine - just a soft drink! A good nights sleep and then I got up pulled back the curtains to see ................... SUN! Wahay! Who would have thought it lovely warm weather on the 1st November. I had been busy thinking how I might keep warm. After a gorgeous breakfast we headed off early to the church to start playing the music. But oh boy did we I and many need handkerchiefs. It started as soon as I saw my baby all grown up into a man, wearing his suit with tails. Now I do not usually put family pictures up but I cannot resist showing you my handsome baby/man!

Oh golly seeing him brings tears on! Must get further into this blog with crying. Then came the amazing moment when my new daughter-in-law arrived at the church - ON TIME! Golly that's a first! But I think this was in true character with how she had everything organised. Then Mr P started playing Einauddi and oh what a WOW factor as she and her father walked slowly down the isle.

It was a lady vicar marrying them - who is also a friend of the bride and she was brilliant. She even wore red doc martins under her frock! How cool was that! I have not got a picture of the bride walking into church as I was holding the music for my hubby and there have been many pictures on facebook from others but not one of her walking down the aisle. I guess this kind of says how we were all feeling - just wanting to look, not have the camera out and just gasp as she made her arrival. The bridesmaids came in first to prepare the way for the bride. At the front of the church on the table was a box of tissues and my lovely son had to use a few as he tried not to blub his way through the vows, so also did the bride. I'm not sure why we were all so emotional. I know for me this was my last baby getting married, I was and am soo happy for them both, but I still couldn't stop blubbing.

Now the bride has an identical twin sister - so lots of fun and mistakes take place - especially when there isn't a clue with one wearing a wedding dress! At the rehearsal Mr P went up to the bride to be and started discussing what exactly did she want him to play as the music was 6 minutes long and after a while when he was greeted with a blank look did he realise he was talking to the wrong sister!
Then there was a final surprise. Unbeknown to many, including myself and the bride, my son had spent the year learning and recording himself playing an electric guitar to the piece of music Pachabel's Cannon. At first I thought the film was of him pretending to play the music but as it went on I realised with awe that this WAS my son playing the music. Oh boy what talent.  

After the service in the church were masses of cakes and pots and pots of tea. We were all made soooo welcome. Well there had to be lots of tea being in Yorkshire. Good and strong too!

Even the VW was in keeping with there relaxed and happy wedding! Next was off to Oakwell Hall Barn.

It was the bride's sister who made all the dresses. She even made fleece lined jackets for the pictures oh and also these umbrellas that do open!

After a lovely roast dinner the evening was filled with dancing to a ceildah band - such fun. But I almost forgot the wedding cake! 

We were given permission to munch on the sweeties during the evening!

Well I think I've bored you all with enough pictures of the wedding but I hope you don't mind if I squeeze a couple more pictures in of the munchkins.

Rowan is walking now and this was the first time that I had seen him properly walking - so there were more tears!

Next weekend all three munchkins are coming to stay - along with their mummies and daddies! So I guess more pictures of them another time!

I am such a lucky person to have such a wonderful family and I now also have an amazing new family. I would like to thank the brides' parents for one of the best weddings(because I did have three other special weddings) I have ever been to. It was relaxed full of colour, love, quirkiness and fun. THANK YOU.

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