Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's Spring Again...........

Well it should be spring but I feel like wishing you a Happy Christmas.

Oh the poor chickens and wildlife in general must be wondering what the heck is going on with the weather. Some birds have even started nesting - I don't know how they are getting on.

Anyway it's time to let you know how I am doing with my challenge - not too brilliantly due to other events happening. But I have managed to accomplish a few more books in the last few days.

This book I have had for many years but it is still well used.

I have to confess never trying this recipe before and I wasn't too sure how it would turn out as the recipe requires you to marinated fine slices of chicken breast in flour and egg white, then boil it for two minutes. After the veggies have been fried the chicken is then added to the pan along with yummy Chinese rice wine and other Chinese ingredients. The chicken turned out to be very moist and a rather enjoyable dinner., served with noodles.

Well anything Italian always sounds wonderful to me and Gino certainly looks delicious.

But just look what I found when I opened this book up - my cheeky hubby leaving me messages!

What I found amazing was the recipe used one chicken breast per person but by the time you bash it thinly the meal ends up looking enormous. It was another scrummy dinner.

And finally a pudding.

This book I have used quite a lot - very practical and easy dishes to make, can recommend it.

This is not a new recipe for me to prepare, as you can see the page is damaged but I don't mind seeing that as I'd rather a book be used than left to gather dust.

It looks rather ordinary but the strawberries are marinated in cointreau! mmmm

Time for a book count.

Click here to see the books used.

28 books used. 99 books to go. 281 days to go.


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