Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekend in Leeds

Have come back from a wonderful weekend in Leeds. Think I've put a stone on in weight as we ate wonderful home baked bread, lovely meals and breakfasts.

Lovely fresh eggs from their chickens.

The weather forecast for the weekend was a bit rubbish - rain and minus temperatures. But our friends are very accommodating and agreed to being dragged up Ilkley Moor.

This is a small garden within Ilkey.

Oh I so miss this kind of view, living in a city.

And being good British people we sat in the freezing cold, on Ilkley Moor having a picnic! Couldn't legitimately sing the song as we were wearing hats!

We finished the walk with a wonder through Ilkley and dribbled at the window at Bettys. Decided not to go in as we were covered in mud, dripping wet and were very cold. Not sure they would have let us in or probably put us in some obscure corner. If you have never been to Betty's then you are missing out on a treat. They have other stores in Harrogate and York - so do treat yourselves if you ever go there.

Seems a life time ago since we were so hot and paddled in this river.

Back to our friends home for hot chocolate and teas. Time to have a browse through their wonderful array of cookery books. But I was sooooo jealous when I found this.......

Julia Child is an American chef who decided to publish a huge work to teach Americans to cook French cuisine. There are no colour plates but lovely little sketches when words are not enough. I love the layout and am tempted to buy this with some birthday money.

Sadly all good things have to come to an end and we made our way home in the very cold temperatures. But home to cards, presies and flowers.

Aren't these orchids amazing. Well I think they are orchids - no label.

And more flowers.

Look a cute owl!

And a BASKET - a girl can never have too many baskets.

Didn't I do well - sooo lucky to have 4 wonderful children.

Finally - I will shut up and leave you in peace - woke up to some more snow and the weather woman informing us of the temperature feeling like -6! Ooh so chilly.

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