Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Water Blogged Part 2

Life here has been rather mundane and run of the mill. But blog I must. Perhaps I could tell you about how I discovered that my bargain Andrews loo rolls have not been such a good buy when I discovered an old one which was notably larger. Or I could tell you about my two hours of ironing. No that would be boring. Instead I'll bore you with my ears. As I told you last week I am trying to teach myself to swim properly by putting my face into the water and not strain my neck. But the consequences has been my ears been playing a constant buzzing sound. Today I asked a nurse to look into my ears and she thought I had a perforated eardrum. Fortunately after she raced to get a doctor to have a look it seems that the swimming pool has had an effect on my ears and hopefully after a few weeks it will settle down. Meanwhile they have advised me to use earplugs. Well thought it was time to show you nicemurderknitter looking so glamorous or rather scarylooking!

Decided I couldn't face making this picture extra large. It would scare any children looking over your shoulder!

Side view of me wearing the fabulous earplugs! I've never used anything like this before and didn't realise that there is one for the left and right ear! How am I going to decipher this at the pool without my reading glasses remains to be seen!

Tomorrow I will try out the new gear and let you know. I shall be pulling the hat over my ears but thought you would appreciate seeing me donning this new gear!

Looking forward to Friday as I shall be taking a well  earnt day off from work to got to the NEC with Mrs A to the craft and stitching show. Pennies all ready, good walking shoes and a large pack lunch to give us sustenance throughout the day. Oooh how exciting.

Finally having shown you some horrific photographs time for a few more pleasant ones of my kitchen window sill.

Wish you could smell this picture as these flowers (think they are called "Cheerfulness") smell divine. A lovely friend bought me these to cheer me up.

Oh I am so looking forward to seeing spring but I think we still have to wait a few weeks yet for that to happen.

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