Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Twins Weekend

Last week involved a trip to Manchester to the annual smoking cessation conference UKNSCC. Golly I have not been to a conference for some years and had forgotten how tiring it is to sit and listen for two days! Goes against the grain just sitting still!

I drove home to a house full of youngsters from church whom Mr P had invited for a BBQ. It took me an hour or so before I could get my head around socialising. Very weird how my brain went. Any how after a break of just doing some other things I was then able to enjoy the rest of the evening with the gang. During this time the twins arrived with their mummy and daddy! They were put straight to bed so didn't really see them until the morning.

Here they are coming towards the end of their breakfast and doing their usual thing of putting their feet on to the table and quite often into their food! Grandad is trying to join in but not quite so flexible!

The girls found the slide but they have not quite worked out which way to climb the slide and decided going up it was the best way!

Sadly the weather was not celebrating the twins visit and decided it was a day just to rain. So any thoughts of the park or the local farm went out the window. Instead we headed off to Fun Valley - a soft play park.

These parks did not exist when we had children - what a wonderful idea. There was a dedicated area for little ones so that they do not get run over by the bigger children.

Golly it is soooo difficult to tell the girls apart. I find it easier when they are moving as Karis (on the left) walks far more confidently and Sophie (on the right) walks a little as if she has had too much to drink. She reminds me of those police programmes when they confront a drunk person and get them to try and walk in a straight line. That's how she walks!

Time for lunch and the girls try to feed each other. Golly if we had realised how nice and reasonable the food was we would have eaten here.

It never ceases to amaze me how two small people can make such a mess and it involved dustpan and brush, along with copious kitchen roll and spray! Then I went to put my shoes on to discover more food!

Time for some more play.

After all this activity it was home for a nap - along with grandad!

My son plays the piano beautifully but the girls too wanted to join in. They were so funny as as they were sitting trying to play notes they turned the pages of the music book as if they were reading the music!

Like their cousin they too enjoyed watching the chickens.

All too soon it was time for them to go :(

Two very sleepy girls!

OK you can wake up now! No more baby pictures! Not sure what next week will be about? Surprise for us all. Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for popping by.

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