Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Surprise Weekend

Well I finished my last blog saying I had no idea about what I might be saying this week - well how true that was. Last Tuesday night I had a call from my older daughter saying that her hubby had let the cat out of the bag and told her where she was going for a surprise weekend. They were off to London and were inviting me to spend Saturday with them. Well a girl cannot refuse such an offer. At first I thought I would not be able to go as the train fare was mega expense at such short notice, then I observed that the trains were stopping at Luton as there were engineering works and the rest of the journey would have to  be completed by bus. So not fancying the expensive fare and the bus I gave up the idea of going to see them. But Mr P came up with the brilliant idea of getting a train from Rugby which would then take me into Euston instead of St Pancras. Brilliant not only is it just a 30 minute drive away but also the train fare was much much cheaper. So Saturday up very early, and also awake from 4.30am - all excited. I made my exit and headed to Rugby. Amazingly the train arrived exactly on time and I was cheerfully sent on my merry way to London.

Can you guess where abouts I am in London? More clues.

Any ideas yet?

Well I'll show you...

As we are strolling along my daughter starts acting all strange and I thought she had witnessed an accident but no she had spotted her most favourite shoes...all in one shop!

They had the most amazing shoes and if I didn't have such wide feet I would be sorely tempted.

I love the buzz of Camden Market and the architecture.

Sadly the shop Braintree had closed down :(

You see I have this amazing ability to be able to go to London and still find water and boats! By the lock are masses of stalls cooking and selling their food - oh boy the sights and smells are too much. If you were not hungry you soon are. Th.en comes the biggest decision of the day which stall to eat from - as you go from Mexico to Thailand to Italy to India to China to Peru to Poland to USA etc etc.

Eventually my daughter and I chose this stall for our dinner.

Oh boy the food was deeeeelicious, full of flavour and soooo fresh.

This was then washed down with a large glass of freshly squeezed watermelon - which was ok but I think I would have preferred the lemon but I wanted to try something different. Sadly our stomachs can only eat one dinner and we had to walk past all the other wonderful foods.

See through boots seem to be all the rage - in order to show off jazzy socks!

Oh I love all these wonderfully brightly decorated Moroccan themed lights - love to have a Moroccan themed room. On Pinterest I saw this picture of someone converting their attic into this theme.

Those Moroccan lights would look great in here. Anyway back to London.

Went into Cyberdog which is well worth a visit, if you can cope with the very loud music and flashing lights. No photography is allowed inside. I felt as if I had landed on another planet - oh word of warning we wondered around and went downstairs and suddenly found ourselves in a sex shop! To be honest it just made me laugh, but if I had had children with me it could have been a little awkward. There were no warnings!

I took this picture to reflect the atmosphere, but it was only seeing it on my lap top did I notice the girl with her phone! Golly I think some people are surgically attached to their phones and programmed to be always looking at them! I wonder if in years to come will there be a business for psychiatrists to help with mobile phone addictions?

Ok back to food - whoever would have thought someone could have a shop selling breakfast cereal?

Then we found this wonderful shop Collectif Vintage. They stocked clothes in sizes larger than a 10/12!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it was an amazing place.

A picture for any men reading this blog. Mr P used to have a Lambretta - if only he had kept it, would be worth a fortune now!

Well we started to run out of time and quickly headed to Angel Islington to my favourite wool shop!

Golly it's like being in a fantastic sweetie shop!

Did  I buy anything - well of course! It would be rude to look around the shop and not buy anything! So I got the pattern and some light green wool to make the shawl that is showing in this next picture. Think I must do a blog about my shawl fettish!

I don't think you can see from this picture but it has small beads attached along the lacy edging!!!!!!

I should say all this time we had my daughter's hubby with us and he patiently came with us - so he was treated to a super duper large fat free chocolate yoghurt. Then as soon as we had finished eating my daughter was off again - a vintage shop had been spotted!

Well sadly shortly after visiting this shop we had to say goodbye as I needed to head back to Euston to catch my train :(     BUT next weekend Mr P and I are flying to Northern Ireland to visit with my daughter and hubby 0 so I shall get to see my daughter twice in two weekends - such a treat. So next weeks blog should have some lovely pictures from the Emerald Isle! Have a lovely week and don't work too hard. Thank you for popping by.

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