Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Highs and Lows Of A Manic Week,

OK the low was the start of last week with a car running into me, whilst I was cycling to work. Fortunately my only injuries were and are a swollen leg and bad bruising. The young lad caused me some hassle when he didn't go and pay for my bike repairs. I tried calling him and leaving messages to no avail. So he left me with no option other than to report him to the police. They then left a message on his phone giving him 24 hours to make contact with me. 23 hours later he sends me a text message saying he'll call later so I still had to return to the police station.  Eventually he phoned and agreed to pay for my bike, but he then wanted me to sign a disclaimer which I refused - should say this was after he paid for the repairs. All in all this took up a lot of time and energy when I was already busy enough.

Last week was the second week of my daughter and son-in-law, 2 grandchildren and a dog staying. It was so lovely to have such quality time with them. Poor son-in-law hardly left the study as he was busy revising for a big exam last Saturday.

He actually ended up with blisters on his fingers from sooooo much writing. He worked so hard. He does not get the results to somewhere towards the end of August - such a long wait.

Saturday also was another concert with the choir I sing with. The afternoon was taken up with rehearsing for the evening. We sang some gorgeous Russian music - really gut wrenching stuff!

In between looking after children etc my daughter(and me on standby) had a go at making her first romper suit for the baby. This was a special moment as she chose a pattern I had used about 32 years ago for my first child. Sadly I do not have a photo of what I made.

Here is the finished result being modelled!

I think you'll agree she looks soooo cute in her new romper suit!

Poor grandad was definitely Rowan's favourite and would have had him reading book all day! Not that I didn't read him any! He absolutely adores books with farm animals. At one point I became convinced that his dad would be having a breakdown in his exams and writing animal noises as his answers!

Reading books was always a favourite pastime when we were raising four children and it brings back such happy memories. Mr P is desperate for them to be a little older so that he can start reading some of the books we have kept from many years ago.

Ayla seems to have her fingers permanently in her mouth and you know when she's really hungry as she tries to put both hands into her mouth! Anyway we had a lovely time but oh boy you do start feeling your age with little ones around and their never ending energy!

We all enjoyed lovely trips to the park.

Back home for a sleep - Ayla ending up on the dog bed!

Rowan ready for a healthy snack  before more action after his nap!

Oh I must show you this picture of Rowan collecting wildflowers for me.

Then he fell asleep on the chair when he got back!

Soooooo cute, bless him.  Oh just one more photo -  can't resist!

I am so lucky and blessed to have such a lovely family. This coming weekend the twins are coming from Leeds. I have not bothered to put the toys and books back upstairs, but have them ready to be used again! Wonder if the girlies are as dedicated to farm animals as their cousin? Let you know next week. Well tomorrow I'm off to Manchester for 3 days to a conference for work - so that should be exciting. Get to stay in a posh hotel, but I shall not be taking my laptop as the hotel charge £15 a day for wifi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all enjoy your week.

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