Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Knitting Moments.

Had a little mad moment and decided to knit a bathmat! I have been teased about this on the weekend away - with folk saying things like "you just go and buy one" etc etc. Well here is the finished result and Mr P is happy to have it!

Apologies if you are eating your breakfast and have been exposed to bare hairy legs! Think I may need to give the mat a trim!

I have also, at long last, managed to finish another small project. I thought this would be a quick thing to knit but it took ages. The pattern starts with casting on 20 stitches. Then the first row you knit 8 stitches and turn and knit through the back of those 8 stitches. Next knit 6 stitches and turn. Then 4 stitches and turn. Then knit 20 stitches and start on the other side. Problem with this is you never get to build any speed up and with it curling it feels as if you are never getting anywhere! Well here it is.

Here is my teddy modelling the scarf!

Bare legs, teddies what next?

Tuesday I had an email from Drops Design. They had some free patterns and this one for crochet hearts appealed to me. Click here for the free pattern.

I know I'm probably mad - perhaps having a senior moment, but I like them!

Now I've saved the best for last and I sooooo wish it was my work but sadly it isn't. This is my friend Mrs A's work. It is the most fabulous log cabin blanket knitted with Noro Yarn. I believe she squirreled away balls for many years to make this project and it was well worth the effort - don't you think? The first picture is to give you some idea of the size.

Then I started messing around with my camera and just love the cartoon effect!

Well sadly I cannot blog any longer - phew some of you are saying. But I must get ready for work. Have a good day.

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