Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Birthday Weekend - Bristol, Rowan and Ayla

Last weekend Mr P had a special birthday - one of those numbers that is perhaps best not boasted about! It had been decided some time ago that we would spend this weekend in Bristol with my daughter and her new baby. So plans were made for Mr P to have a special time.

The morning started with a leisurely breakfast and a cuddle with his new granddaughter.

This was followed by opening of presents and cards.

As you can see he had a little helper - Rowan!

Who also decided sitting on the suitcase would be good fun too!

We then went out to eat an early dinner at The Lamb and Flag Harvester. Now this might not seem like the best place to celebrate a special birthday but when you've got young children and especially Rowan - who once he sits in his highchair has only one thought running through his head "where's the food?" - then this place becomes heaven. They have a salad bar and within minutes of sitting you have access to the massive salad bar.

Then Mr P had a surprise - he was given a ticket to watch Bristol play football with my son in law.

It was bitterly cold so they had to wear lots of layers, but I think they had a good time and enjoyed the match.

The next surprise was that I took him to a jazz gig in Bath - Gypsies Of Bohemia. They were performing at The Chapel Arts Centre. It was a brilliant night listening to five members of this group, as up until fairly recently there were just three of them. I particularly thought the pianist was excellent. It was a great venue and a great night out. Lucky people of Bath to have this venue.

The next day we went for a rather quick walk around Portishead. Had to be fast as my daughter cannot walk too far after her c.section and also there was a real chill in the air.

Mr P trying out the new double buggy! Ayla is there if you look hard!

Well on such a cold day all that was left was to head to Waitrose for a cake and a hot chocolate.

Back for a short while - few stories with Rowan and cuddles with Ayla before it was time to head back home to Leicester.

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