Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Granny Again!

Yes I'm back with lots of pictures of my new grand child. Last Monday my daughter, hubby and I arrived at St Michaels Hospital, Bristol at 8am. By 09:15 she was in the operating theatre - wow what service.

Here I am left looking at an empty bay and an empty crib - felt anxious and yet very excited to see these two spaces filled.

Then I could hear these loud cries of - Ayla born 26th January weighing 9lb 8oz. It was so good to hear and even better to see her.

Here she is just two hours old!

I was so privileged to have been asked to be there at this very special moment for them all. Straight away Ayla wanted feeding. I just find it amazing that a baby just knows what to do - amazing to watch this small child rooting around for some milk!

Thought you crafters out there might like to see this picture with the lovely brightly made blankets and booties.

All been too much and time for a long sleep.

I love looking at babies toes and fingers - aren't they just amazing?

I think she's got long fingers. She certainly is long in the body. Well the next day I am left in charge of the home whilst mummy and daddy are at the hospital! Here is the dog taking over the stool!

I took Rowan out to the park and then we came back for a very early dinner (11:15)! But look at the chaos with all the toys and the dog hoping that some food falls her way!

Needless to say it was all cleared away quickly and I took Rowan to the hospital to meet his sister for the first time.

 The next picture really confused us all for a while. Every time Rowan saw his sister covered with a blanket he would insist on removing it and then reach for her tummy. After several times of him repeating this behaviour my daughter remembered that he has a dolly and when he presses the doll's tummy she makes different sounds! So we guess he thought the same would happen with his sister!

 But all too soon the novelty of a sister wore off and the toys around became far more interesting!

Well the next day they were all home and I could bore you with sooo many pictures.Mr P came down to visit and we took Rowan out to the park again and a quick trip to McDonalds. Rowan makes me laugh as he tries to cram as many chips as he can into his mouth!

Grandad reading never ending stories to Rowan.

Just another picture!

Then this next picture is for a friend, from Leicester, who knitted this cute pink cardigan.

The last morning of my stay I woke up to discover Rowan up to mischief!

Just one last final picture!

I am such a lucky person to have these beautiful grandchildren and two more in Leeds! I am sooo blessed.

I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the staff at St Michael's Hospital for looking after my precious daughter so well and delivering me yet another perfect precious grandchild.

A BIG THANK YOU to my daughter and son in law for letting me be around at this special time in their lives.

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  1. Lovely photos Lynn, particularly the one of Rowan touching her head. Some great knitting too! Kim