Sunday, 15 February 2015

Approaching Another Birthday

Usually January, for me, is one of those long months that has to be endured after the joys and business of Christmas. This January has just gone and half way into February and I now feel as if I am just surfacing. Thank goodness Mother Nature hasn't been waiting for me! I have finally noticed her screaming at me! So today, after church, I decided I needed to honour her and go and visit some of her beautiful delights.

I'm sure, in past years, I have seen masses of snowdrops by now but I guess the cold winter has delayed their onset.

Now this flower is hiding her beauty and so I had to contort myself into an unlady like stance to get a picture of her true face.

She shouldn't hide as she is magnificent.

The crocuses are gearing up for displaying their wares.

I was amazed as to how much colour is already out and I had gone about being totally oblivious!

It's lovely to see buds appearing, new life to come.

I've no idea what shrub this is but it had a lovely perfume.

Golly I have to take my hat off to Mother Nature - she takes so much care with her painting and designing.

I have managed to do a little bit of knitting. I wanted to knit a hat with some Drops Nepal Yarn but the Drops pattern I chose I just could not get to grips with it and so had to find another pattern to use. Anyway at long last I achieved a hat! Ta dah!

It's very difficult for me to take a selfie - but this was the best I could do!

Oh well you get the idea!

Now as I approach my birthday I have been getting emails with special offers. Now I thought this was kind. So here was one from Ask Italian.

£20 voucher how lovely - but then I got to reading further down the page!

Got to spend £50 first! Mmmm what a disappointment!

Never mind Mr P was really lovely to me yesterday. As I have not been too well for the last few weeks he spent a large chunk of Valentines day helping me with housework and gave me some lovely roses along with a bottle of red wine!

Tomorrow my birthday! Wahay! There have been cards and parcels arriving - soooo excited! Well wishing you all a good week whatever you are doing - BUT do take time to have a look at Mother Nature's handiwork.


  1. What gorgeous photos and I love the hat! Happy (soon-to-be) Birthday!

  2. Hope you're having a day off tomorrow to enjoy your birthday. The shrub is witch hazel - smells lovely. Kim

    1. Ah witch hazel - thank you. No tomorrow I shall be working but Mr P is taking me out in the evening - mystery as to what it is.