Thursday, 18 September 2014

Holidays - Part Three, Italy

Ok last blog posting ended in Pisa.

A trip to see the seaside one morning. This has been the first ever summer holiday when we did not spend one day on the beach. The reason being that a lot of the beaches are privately owned by the hotels and then the public ones were crowded.

Another trip to a hillside village.

And then a big day out on the train to Florence, or Firenze.

This was a mistake you cannot see Florence in one day you probably could do with a long weekend and then you'd still have some things to see.

It is so difficult to get a photograph of Florence Basilica. It is massive and absolutely stunning. This was just one queue to see inside the cathedral. We bought tickets to go inside the dome and climb the 400 odd steps to get to the top - well worth it.

The views were amazing and looking ahead we could see the next tower, with another 400 odd steps to climb!

The roof inside of dome. But before anymore climbing time for some refreshments.

 Coffee, pannini and water and we are ready to start climbing again!

Then the final part of our ticket into The Baptistery. The outside is being restored so no picture but this is the ceiling!

We then decided to wander around the streets where there are sooo many statues - like Leicester has traffic lights!

Well all good things must come to and end and only as we discovered the museums were closing did we decide it was time to go back to our tent home. The train was rather super with its two levels of floor. Naturally we went upstairs so as we could get the views.

We opted to try the local Italian equivalent of our fish and chip shop - the pizzeria. By the time our pizza was ready I had to push my way forward to the front as loads more people came in - amazing place, not surprising it was so popular.

Look I am really sorry but this blog still has more to go, but I'll finish here for today.

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