Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Holidays, Part Two - Italy.

It was hard to say farewell to Alsace, but the better weather was drawing us further south. So packed up we headed to Italy via Switzerland. It seemed criminal to be driving quickly through such a beautiful country but time, money and desire of heat lured us onwards.

But we did manage to stop in Luzerne for a very very quick cheapo take away lunch by the lake. We just had enough Swiss Francs to pay to park for 1 hour! The next leg of the journey took us through wonderful mountain landscape.

Not quite like the M1! Unfortunately we could not make the drive all the way to Tuscany, so we had one overnight stop just south of Milan. I then ate my first real Italian pizza - Romana. It was full of capers and anchovies, yummy yummy.

Then it came to paying and Mr P opened his bum bag only to discover he'd bought his toilet bag! Don't think the restaurant would have been too pleased if he'd tried exchange his toothbrush for payment! Fortunately I had my purse.

The next day we had a relatively short journey to Tuscany, to Cecina. This then gave us plenty of time to find a great camp site. Mr P suggested we headed into the hills for a site. Looked at one and not too impressed but just a little further up the road we came across. Il Borgo Camp Site. It had everything we wanted. Great layout for camping, wonderful swimming pool, fantastic restaurant and bar, great place to relax and great staff.

The tent up with the bunting flying to declare we are not moving for days!

The next day we headed into a mountain village.  It was then that we began to understand why so many people love Tuscany. The countryside and buildings are amazing.

After a morning of mooching and exploring it was time to head back to the camp site for an afternoon of lazing in and by the pool.

For Mr P a lovely coffee.

So after a few days of relaxing we decided it was time to explore a little further and headed for a place that needs little explaining.

Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Looking at the tower from this angle it doesn't look as if it is leaning that much.

From the other side things look rather different.

The fun was also seeing so many people taking funny pictures of themselves either holding up the tower, or trying to push it over etc etc.

We climbed the 296  steps to the top of the tower. It was rather strange as you climb the spiral stairs one minute you feel as if you are leaning to the left, then it feels fine and then you find yourself leaning to the right. I would not want to be climbing these stairs after a drink!


It is also called the Bell Tower (5 bells), not sure why the Italians built this tower separate from the church.

OK last daft touristy photo of the tower.

After a hard morning outing it was back to the campsite for another session at the pool. I think that's enough of my holiday for today.

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