Monday, 15 September 2014

Blog Back From Holidays - Part One, France

Mr P and I have come back from a truly memorable holiday. I have no idea where to begin and my photographs do not help as I took 1416! It started with a short ferry crossing from Dover to Calais, after Mr P had finished the morning service. As France is an hour ahead we only had time to drive one hour into French countryside and ended up at Arras. The next day we travelled to Alsace Lorraine. This is where France is close to Germany. We camped just outside of Colmar.

Such a pretty town. Oh boy I took soooo many pictures of these wonderful buildings.

The food did not feel French but more German and here we are enjoying a wonderful rosti.

Of course we were in the home of the quiche, but they are much thicker than the ones we create in the UK.

Shops were full with what I would call "pretzels" but they call them "bretzels". Some of them were also like mini pizzas - with the hole being filled with a cheesey delight.

My favourite fabric - red gingham.

The shops also look so different from our own and sooo cute, things seem to be displayed beautifully.

The next day was very different. We opted to visit a concentration camp Struthof. I think this is probably something we all need to do once in our life time. It is somewhere to go and contemplate and remember, in order that we may not repeat history, but sadly as I write this blog many many people are dying at the hands of cruel men. I cannot understand what drives people to go to these cruel lengths of horror. Rest in peace.  This is somewhere I do not take pictures of - there is no glory. But afterwards we went to the museum just a few miles away and this was truly amazing.

 This is Alsace-Moselle Museum. It is probably the best museum I have ever been to. It is set up to travel in time - World War 2. Truly truly a must if ever you are in this region of the Vosges Mountains.

This is the view from the front of the museum. The suitcases being symbolic of how the people of Alsace had to flee from their town with just one case. The question being what would you put in your bag? Oh we loved this area of France.

Woke up the next morning to some amazing cobwebs! Back to spiders again!

On the camp site there were lots of these trees. No idea what they are but I guess those things that look like beans are not edible.

 Farewell Colmar campsite next stop - Switzerland.

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