Monday, 22 September 2014

Break From Hols

Had a lovely day on Saturday with my dad. As I arrived on his drive way there was the most amazing site of masses of cobwebs. They covered the bushes and shrubs, with their dew jewels! They looked like Christmas decorations.

Don't you just love nature - she's truly amazing.

Finally I was busy knitting a shawl on holiday but struggled when I got to the lace part of the pattern. Well last Monday a kind friend from the craft group spent hours helping me sort it out. I felt a bit guilty because usually she spends the evening marking homework and then doing some knitting. Hope she did not have to spend too many hours staying up at home that night to do her work. BIG THANK YOU "S"! Also the wool was a gift from some friends who came over from New Zealand. For any wool Geeks out there the yarn is called "Zealana Kauri". It is 60% NZ merino and 40% possum! Oh it is so beautiful and soft. Well yesterday, having completed all the jobs I needed to do, I started on the lace pattern at 14:00 and finished at 00:50! Just a short break to eat some tea. Needless to say my eyes and hands were a site! I wish I could have seen myself struggling to knit at the time of morning! Today my eyes are informing me I have not had enough sleep. Well I can't complain it was self induced. Needless to say I did not start pinning it out at 1am but have just done that part. Here it is.......

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