Sunday, 10 February 2013

Saturday Kitchen

Been a rather trying work week and yesterday it was so good just to immerse myself into cooking and forget all the trials of the week. Sometimes I think my challenge is crazy but then as I get absorbed in cooking I realise how good it is to do this. So here goes:

This book was my mums and I have never used it before, but I do like the title and it somehow feels an appropriate book to be using with the miserable cold wet weather. I'm not convinced my mum had used the book as all the pages seemed in rather pristine condition.

Well this is rather another version of a cottage pie and I thought would be nice for Sunday dinner with some Yorkshire puddings, lashings of gravy and veggie troubles. Decided to double up on the mixture so that I could freeze some individual portions for later on in the week.

Sorry but they are not browned in the oven yet - but evidence that I have prepared them.

Also out of this book I found another rather warming comforting pudding to have at this time of the year.

Golly cottage pie and rice pudding bring back so many childhood memories.

Unusually in this recipe the rice is baked with a lid on the dish so there is no skin. I think Mr P was rather disappointed not to have any skin, as I believe when he was a child there was always a fight for the top! A while ago I ate rice pudding in an Indian restaurant and they made it with the addition of rose water and pistachio nuts - it was divine. I must find a recipe for that version.

Saturday's dinner came from another cookery book that I have used quite a lot and the pages are well thumbed and used.

It's not written by anyone famous but it is a useful cookbook to own.

Decided seems as we have not eaten pasta for a while to look for something in that line.

Maybe I like this book so much because it is laid out clearly and using ingredients that are readily available.

Sorry the picture doesn't do much justice but it was well yummy and the smells from the kitchen were the sort to make one salivate in anticipation. We had this dish with pasta and some yummy bread. Oh by the way it is tomato halves in the picture not apricots!! Oooh also it had some garlic but don't tell Mr P!

Final bit of baking were some more muffins - this time they were filled with blueberries and a few cranberries. I like the way that some of the blueberries burst open and run - looks artistic.

 127 cookery books     13 recipes completed        115 books to go.

Look I know the maths don't add up but that's because I used 2 recipes from 1 book! 

.Well it's time to change the subject from food to WINE! I have now been a "dryathlon" for 37 days! No more Fridays to go without wine - whooppee! Next weekend being my birthday weekend sees the end of my wine less challenge. Golly it's almost like doing lent early.

 Yesterday one of my recipes called for a small quantity of white wine for cooking (I do not consider cooking with wine breaks my challenge as the alcohol content is destroyed) and I had to buy one of those wee small bottles! But on my way down the aisle I saw one of my favourite wines on offer so I got it ready for next weekend - yaay!

Lets move away from the kitchen, finally! No 3 posted a photograph of herself on our family facebook. Can't believe this is my daughter - it doesn't seem that long ago I was making her packed lunches for school (oh can't seem to get away from the kitchen!). The bump is called "Nemo" and is due July 22nd - but knowing there is a family history of us all giving birth well after the date it seems unlikely it will arrive on time.

Well I'm finished writing - time for some hooking (that's crochet before anyone takes the mick).

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