Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day.

What more can a girl want to get up to at 6am! A bunch of   dozen red roses, a bottle of red wine and a sloppy card. Aaaagh!

Thank you Mr P - love you very much.

Yesterday saw the return of the snow and oh those poor snowdrops I photographed a few days ago looked so sad when I came home from work last night.

But I do believe today sees the return of milder weather. But inside our busy home the daffodils on my window ledge have just started opening.

Wednesday nights are rehearsal nights for the Leicester Bach choir - so I try and get something easy and quick to cook as I only have about 50-60 minutes between coming in from work and getting out again. So bought a frozen pizza for £2. I think we would have been better off having beans on toast or cheese on toast.

Spot the cheese!

Crafting two nights ago saw the end of my latest project. First clue are these curly bits, which were rather tiresome to make for my hands. Not good for my carpel tunnel.

So what have the flowers and curly bits been for. Well I think it's rather poignant that I have the great reveal / ta dah moment on Valentines Day. Have you guessed what it is? Well it is something I bought from Ikea many years ago but was never happy with it as too many bare wires were on show but now I am very happy.


  1. you will be doing free form crochet next with those curly bits...the heart looks fabulous, the flowers make all the difference.

  2. Steady on, Mr P - this sets the bar a little high, and questions will be asked in The House - well, this one, anyway...

    1. The bar was raised higher. As I left for work Mr P started playing his whistle and the tune was "my love is like a red red rose". What a romantic!

  3. That is so beautiful.Very impressed!