Thursday, 7 February 2013

Just Words and smiles.

It's a bit of a Mr P week. Yesterday was his birthday but he had to spend most of it on his own as I was at work. So he took himself off to the motorbike museum at Meridan. Think he felt a little embarrassed going on a German bike and parked it rather carefully so as to avoid the eyes of the owners. Poor Mr P didn't even get his main present due to us both not being around to sign for it from the delivery company - so today I have to drive over to Coalville to retrieve it. In fact poor Mr P did not get to open his cards and presies till 18:45. Following a rather yummy Chinese take away we headed off to Market Harborough theatre to see The Anastasia Files, performed by the amateur players. They were really good and it has made us want to answer more questions and do some research, into this topic.

Watching the weather forecast I find rather amusing - as some of the phrases seem rather crazy:-

"Lot of weather"
"Busy weather"
"Weather front"
"Organised showers" - sounds as if the showers are ganging up on us!

Continuing Richard III theme read a few comments on twitter (well actually I do not know how to use Twitter but found these in a newspaper - help always welcome)

The Wurzels : Richard III has finally been declared 1485 Hide and Seek champion.

Gary Lineker: Richard III found under a Leicester car park? Doesn't matter who you are up there, they won't let you out without a ticket.

Jeremy Vine: Verdict on Richard III's remains - serious trauma to skull, bent back. Atos confirms he is fit for work.

Unknown author: Daily rate for NCP car parks is £18.50. Richard III has been there 192,649 days. He owes £3,564,006.50.

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