Thursday, 28 February 2013

In Training

Last night I asked Mr P to accompany me to a store that we have not been to for about 18 years. I wanted him to come with me because I felt I need some therapy or rather training. I find it hard to believe it has been this long since we went to buy something from this store when there was a time in our lives when this store would almost be a weekly trip. You may well ask what shop am I on a about?

They still have the catalogue and in some ways the store looks rather familiar and I feel as if time has stood still. Think I'm finding it hard to believe it's not me I am having to buy for but my daughter. Where have all the years gone - she can't be old enough to be a mum yet - she's still my baby. She's still the little girl running out of the door with her hair in a whale style and her school uniform thrown on.

An assistant comes up to us I think a little confused as I guess we didn't look quite like the average shopper in there. She was probably even more confused after talking to us. Looking at this picture on the catalogue that's how old I feel - the mirror is telling lies. Well that is until I start thinking about all those sleepless nights and the never ending energy required in raising children - mmmm me thinks that perhaps the mirror isn't telling lies.

Well you can't go into a shop like this and come out with nothing, so not knowing the sex and in denial that any grandchild of ours could ever be small enough to fit into a 0-3 month range of clothing we come away with a bath towel! What are we like!?

 But the towel bought back happy  memories of our children having fun in the bath and then snuggling them into these towels with the cute hat/type corners, smelling so wonderfully sweet. Oh dear enough emotion - time to get ready for work.

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