Wednesday, 28 August 2013

One Day and One Night in Walberswick

Having not had a summer holiday I jumped at the opportunity to go away to the seaside for one night. We were hoping to have stayed a night somewhere in Norfolk but as I tried phoning various camp sites it became obvious that there was no space. Really hard to believe there was no space on a camp site in the whole of Norfolk. So the nearest available campsite was just into Suffolk and we jumped at the booking space. It is not an area that we know and it made even more fun to go somewhere new. So after Mr P finished church on Sunday we headed off and I knew it was just sooo right to be doing as as we drove away from Leicester the sun started to come out and by the time we arrive 3 hours later it is to a sunny, warm campsite. It was also a first for our Quecha tent, otherwise known as our "boing" tent, to be used in England. It is only used to being put up in France.

The beauty of our tent is it is up within minutes and it didn't take very long to unpack the car. We are very much cheaters when it comes to bedding - we take caravan bedding cushions to lie on and the quilt off our bed comes too! After a late afternoon lunch and a cuppa we head off to Walberswick.

Having never been here before we decide to take a walk around the coast and head off along the path to the beach - where we saw this sign. Mmmmm


 As we followed the coast we then were greeted with this beautiful estuary and we couldn't help but carry on walking by its side.

 It was a little bit hazy at this time but somehow it made it more romantic. Anyway this walk led us to a bridge where we crossed and decided it would be fun to walk into Southwold, even though we were only wearing sandals! This signpost amused us as Methodists are supposed to be teetotal!

We had a quick walk around part of the town and then joined a huge queue for what appears to be the only chip shop in Southwold. It was well worth the wait - can't beat fish and chips at the seaside. Then we had to walk back partly in the dark.

Monday woke up to beautiful sunshine. I was glad I had bought some bacon and sausages to fry on our one burner gas stove - everything tastes sooo much better when its cooked under these conditions. We opened up our wedding anniversary cards and then packed up the tent. The day warming up and we head back to Walberswick to spend time lazing on the beach.

Discovered that Walberswick is a favourite spot for families to do some crabbing. We used to enjoy this activity too when our children were small. The only difference being is that now you can buy small netted bags with bait in rather than cutting up dead bits of fish! Oh and also they sell lots of lovely large clear buckets so that you can admire your catch easier! Ooooh I sooooo want to bring my grandchildren here when they are older!

We found a snug spot in between the dunes and there we stayed for the rest of the day. Me doing a bit of hookey and Mr P reading. Oh it was just what we needed. Then after a day of lazing on the beach we walked again to Southwold.

Saw this beach hut for sale - but was shocked at the price!

We spent sooo long walking around Southwold that we ran out of time to eat in a restaurant - you  guessed right we ended up back at the chippie. I'll leave you with this final picture of the lighthouse which is snuggled into this housing area!

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