Sunday, 25 August 2013

Saturday Mayhem

Hi all - yesterday was supposed to have been a restful, peaceful Saturday. Well it would have been if it hadn't have been for ME!

Yes it started with me the minute I got up dying my hair and then I baked a cake.

 As I baked it in one of those silitone tins it had space to "fill out at the side" - just like me! It is a type of fruit loaf and hopefully it will taste nice when we eat it on a camp site.

Then I  followed this by several hours of getting through my huge pile of ironing. Whilst ironing I watched a few programmes through IPlayer and one of them being a cooking programme hosted by Nigel Slater. He was encouraging viewers to make things with their leftovers. So feeling very inspired I went ahead and baked one of his cakes.

Found some leftover plain chocolate and leftover butter! Thought I'd take a picture because it looked so luxurious.

Plenty of spare eggs left from the chickens.

It always amazes me how much one small egg can become when beaten.

Then I knew I had this one ingredient stored away at the back of my, yes you are reading right, salad box!

Yes - it is beetroot. Such a great colour. According to Mr Slater it makes the cake moist.

Mmmmm it looks a bit like a crater, but hopefully this chocolate cake will taste nice.

But oh boy this cake might have used up some leftover ingredients but was rather indulgent in using appliances. Just look at my work top after the deed!

It is now mid afternoon and I decide it is time to get on with some crafting but my computer is playing up. And this is when things start going wrong! I decide I would just "refresh" it - no I didn't feed it a piece of cake and a cup of tea. That might have worked better. The consequences of this action caused me to loose a whole load of stuff. By the time Mr P walked in from cricket he came in on a rather stressed out wife! I was rather distraught at my actions - this is a reminder to myself that I have been right in the past when I had previously decided not mess with the settings on my laptop. So I fed Mr P some dinner and he spent ages reinstalling some of what I had lost. But I won't bore you anymore with this story other than there is a bit more to be done and I have had a kind offer from a friend to help me if needed. Thank you both. I will not mess again!

Needless to say I felt rather stressed and upset/cross with myself. I tried to do a bit more crafting but gave up when I realised I was wearing one pair of glasses and was trying to pull another pair down that were sitting on top of my head! Definitely time to go to bed and fall asleep to a funny film.

But before I go I wanted to finish with what has become my favourite advert on television. It is wonderful - Marmite neglect. Click on the words and it will take you to the advert.

I adore marmite on hot buttered toast.

Well time to go and pack for a small camping trip to Suffolk. Bye!

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