Sunday, 18 August 2013

Nemo's 1st Visit to Leicester

Just had a great weekend. No 3, hubby, Poppy and Nemo came to stay along with No 2, unborn twins and wife. They all arrived Friday night and Nemo  was centre of attention. But what amazed me was watching my No 2 son stepping in to help with burping the baby and keeping him calm. It's soooo lovely to watch two of my children becoming parents(well No 2 within the next few weeks) - taking on that protective, loving, caring mode. I am so proud of my children and also of my son in law and daughter in law - all four of them are going to make great parents.

First cuddle of the weekend for grandma and first cuddle for grandad.

Doesn't Rowan look soooo adorable? He's actually snuggling up with his uncle, No 2.

First cuddle with Great Grandad.

Poppy taking a great interest in my crochet.

Rowan just beginning to find his thumb - aaaargh!

Do you remember this picture? Here is a farewell one today.

Nemo and Poppy squashed into the back of the car - Claude.

I already feel so lucky to have such 4 wonderful children, now feel so lucky with a grandson, but soon lucky with two wee girls. What excitement.

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